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Workshop Helps At-Risk Women Build Better Lives



A new Springfield non-profit is helping at-risk women and their families build better lives.

Pure Haven Counseling and Resource Center held its first training workshop Saturday at Lincoln Library.

There were eight workshops presented by professionals who specialize in specific women and family needs, like parenting, healthy living, jobs and relationships.

"Strong programming has been advantageous for the recidivism rate as well as helping individuals become successful individuals in their community," said Melody Hulett, founder of Pure Haven Counseling and Resource Center.

"A lot of the problems we have in our society today is because of a breakdown in the family. If we had families who were sticking together, it would be less of a problem. There wouldn't be all the dependency on the government to take care of them," said Porter Hulett, co-founder of Pure Haven Counseling and Resource Center.

Pure Haven's next event is March 26th.

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