Pure Haven Family Resource Center provides the following services to our Clientele via workshops and trainings made applicable after counseling sessions and assessment of each individual according to their individual and family need.  Initial One on One Counseling Sessions and Assessments


Applicable Workshops/Trainings:

"Parenting Do's & Don'ts" - Equipping each individual with the tools and wisdom needed in raising a healthy child.


"The Created Masterpiece"/Esteemed/Empowered/Equipped - Self Esteem workshop designed to build a person's self-worth and individuality.  This workshop will also guide the woman is discovery of her identity.  Getting to the root of wounded areas in helping the woman build a stronger self.


"Is There Really a Problem"/Addiction Recovery" - Addiction Recovery identifying the warning signs, the importance of admittance, and assistance in recovery by connecting the woman to the necessary community resources.


"Healthy Relationships," Family & Couples Counseling" - Revelation of what an unhealthy relationship looks like, equipping the person with the necessary strengths in overcoming the negative residual effects of past unhealthy relationships, bringing clarification of what a healthy relationship consist of, the qualities to look for in meeting and starting a relationship.


Couples - multiple workshops including but not limited to discovery of one another's Love Language, Value in Uniting Individualities, Temperament Theory, Love and Respect, and Ways of Refreshment (Revitalizing Dead Areas).


"Silence the Pressure Cooker"/Anger Management" - Help with sign and symptoms of anger issues with learning ways to manage temperaments before they get to the level of destruction.


Personal Financing" Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace" - Training individuals as well as their children the importance of money management and guidance on money management benefits for the family regardless of income, in addition to teaching on savings as a must.


"Integrity" - Discovery of what it means to be a Person of Integrity in handling their time, their heart, their talents or gifting's, authority figures, unity including but not limited to family, their finances, and their character.


Etiquette "Gracefully Social" - Teaches the individual the importance of social etiquette in speech, appearance, mannerism,  appropriate responses, as well as dining, equipping her with tools that will benefit generations to come.


"Job Readiness" & "Ready Me Success Closet" - Job preparedness class that will equip the individual with skills for readiness in landing a lasting job by providing good interviewing techniques, how to look for suitable employment, resume writing, and learn ways to sharpen special skill sets.


"Enhanced Education" - designed to aide a person who desire to get a GED or further their education in directing, leading, and guiding them through the process.


"Effective for a Successful Life" (Life Skills)/"Finishing the Goal" (Goal Setting) - instructions of basic effective life skills as well as setting and accomplishing goals.


"Purpose Discovery" - Aiding the individual in discovery of their purpose and guidance in fulfilling the journey toward her destiny.


"Housing Locator" - An informative class on resource availability for securing housing with inclusion in the possibility of home ownership.


"Health Education" - Enlightenment of Health Awareness, the importance and benefits of being healthy and extending their life expectancy.


"Uplift Me" Depression Recovery/Grief & Loss" - In depth look into Grief/Loss, methods in handling and dealing loss along with life application for the individual and family (if applicable).


"Seeking Safety" - Importance of safety, help in managing the negative effects of past abuse, measures and guided steps toward healing.  Teachings on methods to protect self and family from future occurrences.


 "Unmovable Bonds"- Monthly Family Bonding workshops as follows:

  • Loving Hands Kitchen - Mom & Me Cooking Class
  • Story Time - Story is read and acted out involving Mom & Child/Children Participation or a selected book with required reading obligations made fun and enjoyable.
  • Arts & Crafts - Mother & Child/Children Learn & Participate in a crafts together such as picture framing, memory books, t-shirt designs, etc…
  • Mom & Me Quilting - Mom & Child/Children bond while creating a quilt that they can use at home to snuggle up and enjoy their favorite movie or book together.
  • Love Letter Series - Mom & Child/Children express their love for one another through written and/or spoken word.
  • A Great Inheritance/Because I Love You - Mother & Child/Children will be taught the value of money through hands on exercises.
  • A Day at the Movies - Mother & Child/Children will enjoy a family movie (age appropriate) that involves relational challenges and participate in open dialogue afterwards.
  • Diversity Me - Mother & Child/Children will enjoy a culture diversity play or workshop as well as discovery of their individuality that includes hands on activities in learning.

Client's informational hands on activity

  • "Who's the Bully?" - Individual & Child/Children will learn the signs of a bully, how to respond to & report bullying, along with the negative effects of bullying.
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