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Melody & Porter Hulett - Founders

Melody Hulett served as Chief Administrative Officer of Lincoln Correctional Center for four years prior to retiring from Illinois Department of Corrections, overseeing a penal institution that housed approximately 1018 female offenders with an average of 225 employees.  She Established and maintained lasting working relationships with outside organizations and supporters of the Illinois Department of Corrections. Developed two specialized therapeutic community units; one specifically designed for re-entry and one designed for those with an extended sentence which are still being utilized at Logan Correctional Center today.  Melody managed and oversaw PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act guided and as directed by Illinois Department of Correction to ensure the wellbeing, protection and safety of the Female Offender from unwarranted sexual misconduct while under the care of Illinois Department of Corrections as well as, on an ongoing basis maintained the best quality of life for the population.  Former Warden Melody Hulett, along with well-trained staff, organized, planned, various programs specifically designed to ensure successful reentry that benefited both the female offender and her family.  Melody Hulett witnessed the hopelessness of hurting women and the negative lasting impact incarceration placed on families and how positive applicable programming aided in the families overall achievements. Since stepping away from IDOC, and because of her compassion for hurting people, desire to reduce the reoccurrence of incarceration as well as stop the generational cycle of hopelessness, Melody along with her husband Porter Founded Pure Haven Counseling & Resource Center for Women and Their Families.  Melody wrote HB3284 under the Legislative Leadership of State Representative Mary Flowers.  This Bill was created to develop a Systematic Governor Appointed Taskforce in developing and setting forth opportunities for AT Risk Women and their families to aide in their societal and overall family success.  Melody is a Licensed Minister, Ordained Elder, and a graduate of Life Christian University where she earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree in the Study of Theology. In 2018 Melody became a Certified Anger Management Consultant for Adult & Youth through Century Anger management, received her certification in Mental Health First Aid for Adult and Youth through USA Mental Health First Aid.  Melody is currently in school working towards her Bachelors Degree in Spiritual Counseling where she is targeted to secure her degree in August 2019.


Melody knows firsthand and understands the challenges Individuals face as parents, spouse, daughter/sons, employees and is a living example of what God can do when given the opportunity to lead and direct.  As a young teen mother of three children married, divorced, and married again. To rise from being an AT Risk woman herself to a proud business owner, former Warden, empowerment, motivational counselor and resource guide for the betterment of Women and their families; Melody humbly appreciates the opportunity to be used in such capacity.


Melody is grateful for the wonderful support of her husband who adds great value to Pure Haven with his knowledge, wisdom, and heart for family unity.  Porter who is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana attended the University of Indianapolis, is a graduate of the American College of Life Underwriters, an Army Veteran, Former Insurance and Securities Representative, and presently works as a Business Account Executive for Comcast Business Services Department. 


Together Porter and Melody also oversee the Ministry Department for Marriages at Cathedral of Worship church where they are members.  Porter and Melody have a heart for broken, suffering marriages with a desire to aid and lead them to wholeness the way God intended.  Porter and Melody have a blended family of three adult children, three granddaughters and have been married for 14 years.  

Melody Hulett - Director

This organization is founded on the core principles of providing a safe, confidential, professional environment where hurting, hopeless, At-Risk Individuals and their Families can find refuge, encouragement, and hope for a successful future; a place where they are provided the necessary tools for enhancing areas of their lives that lack stability.  


I have witnessed firsthand the struggles that Women and their Families face on a day to day basis.  As a former Warden of Illinois Department of Corrections, weekly hopeless women were released to our facility's care in hopes of us programming them with the abilities suited for success.  During my years of service, I could not help but think of the possibility in a different outcome for these individuals had appropriate resources been made available to them prior to incarceration?  Unfortunately, I have seen countless women only to find their individuality, strength, and purpose behind prison walls while participating in extensive programming.   In addition, I was able to meet some extraordinary individuals such as myself who had the heart to help those Women succeed and to aide in their ability to become successful returning citizens.   Also, when I joined the Women and Family Services Division of Illinois Dept. of Corrections the recidivism rate for the female offender was 54% the last report I received prior to leaving Corrections noted the recidivism rated had decreased considerably to 36% which was attributed to great programming.  It is evident effective programming with team effort works.  Hence my husband and I having a strong desire and passion to aide in the process of ensuring Individuals succeed prior to getting to the point of hopelessness and self-destruction furthering the cause of keeping families intact as God intended by means of effective programming and connecting them to quality resources.

With all of this being said, we are a not-for-profit organization and we are in need of your financial support in moving forward with the vision of helping hurting, hopeless, At-Risk Individuals and Their Families to further their journey in aiding society as productive citizens.  As a Non-for Profit, we need your help.  Please click on the How Can You Help button.  This link will afford you a simple and secure step in donating financially to Pure Haven.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support of our endeavor to equip, empower and strengthen hurting, hopeless, At-Risk Individuals and Their families as they journey toward a road of endless possibilities.  May you be richly Blessed for your heartfelt contribution.  Thank you for joining us in positively impacting lives for generations to come.


Abigail Irby - Personal Assistant

Abigail was born on April 4, 1962, to Joe and Carrie M. Irby. Her family moved to Peoria Illinois, where she was taught by them the value of education and how to become a valuable citizen to society. She became a single parent at the age of 19, which lead her to teach 3 children the values of life. Being a single parent of 3 didn't stop her from striving to be a role model for her children. She continued to further her education as well as taught her children about being a valuable citizen.


December 1988 she graduated from Illinois Central College.  While attending I. C. C., she worked as a part-time receptionist through the I.C.C. work-study program.  During that time she also worked for Commercial National Bank, as a part-time Credit Card Collection Clerk. After graduation, she became a full-time employee for Commercial National Bank she spent 7 years with CNB her career consisted of working as a Teller, Installment Loan Tech, Credit Card Specialist, and Quality Service Specialist. The time she spent at CNB granted her the honor of receiving Employee of Month Award and nomination for Employee of Year.  May 1995 CNB downsized, she became unemployed. Because of her work ethics, skills and knowledge in July of 1995 she was offered employment with Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.   During her tenure with Federal Reserve, she was chosen by the President and Management Team to work as a Research and Resolution team member. She and the other team members traveled to other offices within the 7th District. The Budget was in a deficit she just as well as the other team members researched, adjusted, and fixed the budget. She just as well as the other team members were acknowledged by the President of the Federal Reserve, the President of Excellence Award.  In July of 2002 she left the Federal Reserve Bank she had sought employment with South Side Bank of Peoria Illinois. After 5 years of employment with South Side Bank, she did a career change and started employment with the City of Peoria Illinois through Westaff Employment Agency assignment was with City Clerk Office as an Administrative Assistance. The assignment was supposed to have been for 3 months, fortunately, my work ethics gained me a permanent position. August 30, 2013, was her last day of employment with City of Peoria Illinois. She relocated to Austell Georgia. The death of her son James A. Irby, Sr., caused her to return to Peoria Illinois.  Abby currently serves in the position of Pure Haven Counseling and Resource Center's Administrative Assistant to the Director.

God is her Everything: Love, Strength, Peace, Help, Intercessor, and so much MORE! In June of 1996, she gave her life to Christ. Often she talks about how her sister Melody and her children lead her to become a Christian. She talks about how she has fallen in Love with God.  She was a member of Agape Baptist church for 13 years. During those years she enjoyed watching God working through her children, their work caused God to work through her. She started getting more and more involved. She attended Bible study and classes. Learning all she could so she could become more like Jesus. God blessed her to be able to work with the Youth Ministry, Church Clerk, Treasurer, Trustees, even became Chair Person of Trustee Board.  July 2008 God moved her membership to Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church up under the leadership of Pastor Alvin Riley, Sr. Since her time there she has been assisting Sis. Annie Lyons with the Women's of Sovereign Grace.

Gail Knox - Receptionist

Gail welcomes everyone with a heart and love of God.  We appreciate her flexibility and desire to aide in keeping our office running smoothly.  She not only serves as our receptionist but she goes above and beyond by serving as a co-teacher of Bible Study with Director Hullett as well as other office tasks and responsibilities.  We love everything about Ms. Gail and appreciate all that she does with the love of God operating through her naturally.

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