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Our mission is to build empowered individuals with foundational principles to sustain family ties that leave a lasting impact for generations to come.  



Pure Haven Family Resource Center works with individuals and families that the community would consider to be At Risk and provides them with hands-on development, education, confidential one on one sessions, and resources to enrich their lives, build strong families and allow them to become self-reliant, and self-efficient thriving members of society.

We do this through private confidential one on one sessions, developmental workshop, and training, social events, partnerships with long-standing organizations and the contributions from our community supporters.


Why We Do What We Do

The founder of Pure Haven Family Resource Center served as the Warden of a correctional facility for many years.  She witnessed first hand the struggles that families faced as weekly women were released to her facility in hopes that they would be rehabilitated through the programs provided.  During her years of service, she could not help but think of the possibility in a different outcome for these individuals had appropriate resources been made available to them prior to incarceration.

In 2015, Pure Haven Family Resource Center was established, making this possibility an opportunity.  Instead of being reactive this organization has chosen to be proactive by working with individuals and families that are hurting and providing them effective programming and resources to improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

Our Method

At Pure Haven Family Resource Center individuals and their families are provided necessary tools and resources for enhancing areas of their lives that lack stability through a continuum of meeting sessions and intensified training workshops which include but is not limited to personal evaluation, goal setting, accountability application, life skill development, and task mastering to aide in the redirection of Heads of Households and their families who lack the ability and confidence to identify areas of weakness by utilizing methods designed to empower and meet each person's individual unique need.


Since our inception in May 2015, our numbers have increased drastically.  We have increased our community partnerships with Sangamon County Resource, Hazel Dell Elementary, Illinois Department of Corrections Parole, Carrollton Bank, Haven House, Well House, and Primed for Life.

January 2018 through March of 2019, we served 73 individuals and their families.  We continue to collaborate with Hazel Dell Elementary in strengthening family ties through our Family Bonding Clinics held at their school. We opened a Satelite Facility in Quincy, Illinois located at the Maine Center, 535 Maine St., Quincy, Illinois, where we partner with the Well House in providing one on one counseling and workshops to their clientele.  With the Assistance of the United Way Venture Fund Grant; February 12, 2019 we began programming Hazel Dell Elementary 5th graders in Anger Management through our "Silencing the Pressure Cooker for Youth," program.  We secured a year-long community collaboration with Sangamon County Resource for 2019.  We assisted 4 families with groceries.  We continue to assist Ill Department of Corrections Parole in providing Anger Management Classes to the population they refer to us.  Two of their referrals became clients of ours.  Monthly we have blessed families with household goods donated to us from Sister of Salvation.


We have added to our staff.  Theresa Clay, Dr. James Smylie, Jason Singleton, and Asia Jackson who are  Anger Management Certified and trained as our Silencing the Pressure Cooker for Youth team   Jason Singleton also assists with transportation for our clients who need assistance in getting to and from workshops.  Jesse Williams has also joined our team and will be assisting Dr. Smylie with our male clients as well as conducting workshops.  

We are excited about our first staff training scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019.  This training will revolve annually and when improvements are needed.


Because we desire to grant our clientele the best quality of service and to instill in our population the importance of investing in themselves as well as their families, we will be changing our services from free to members.  

Beginning October 1st, 2018, each client who takes advantage of our services will be accessed a small monthly membership fee of $10 - $25 per family (base on income), $5 - $15 for singles (based on income), and referrals who are not clients will be required to pay a minimal fee of $5 per class session plus cost of books if class requires (based on income).  Each class sessions are 4 weeks in length.   Monies received will aide in offset cost of workshop supplies, assist in a small stipend for facilitators, help cover materials, etc.

Those who have utilized our services prior to October 1, 2018, will not be charged for services. In addition, clients referred from community partners will NOT be charged a fee unless previously agreed upon. Only NEW CLIENTS and NON REFERRALS who join us October 1, 2018 and beyond will fall under these guidelines.



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